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M65-A by Rama and jchan (Render by rama)

DSA Borealis (Photo by /u/kaso_)

Acrylic Wrist Wrest by /u/AHXL

Penumbra on a MiniVan by /u/gutsack

RS68 with Hyperfuse (Photo by /u/Will_26)

Hypersphered Novatouch with PuLSE by /u/boxfrommoon

HHKB with HKP mods (Photo by /u/shinz0)

Satan GH60 with SA Danger Zone by /u/Kapinny

Minivan with LightCycle by ctzn_voyager

Filco Majestouch-2 with Green Tea keycaps by /u/techmattr

PuLSE on Minivan by /u/zndr

MagicForce68 by /u/carloshacecosas

Hydro on RedScarf 68 by /u/Will_26

Filco Majestouch 2 by /u/petergriffin2013